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Raising the bar for cybersecurity across the country

The Project

As Lead Designer, I worked with industry experts on a platform designed to bring cyber-security and risk-management to small- and mid-sized businesses. An industry stable in cyber-security education, the client team believed that raising the bar for smaller enterprises could have a big impact on security ecosystems on a national scale.

Designed from a security paradigm

In an incredibly complex field, users need to be able to catch a quick glance of their ecosystem, as well as be able to dig into detailed systems. I worked with the client team not only on design principles that would allow us various levels of detail, but also on strategy for market entry. This was all tested in both qualitative and quantitative methods by my team.

Architected with experts

I worked directly with my client and subject matter experts to co-create our initial wireframes, then worked with a research team to have these tested. Doing this together allowed us to move forward faster as a team, and allowed SMEs to have input early on.

Validation through qualitatative user testing

My team was involved with very early work understanding the problem space. I worked with my research team to strategize on how the insights impacted the product strategy and delivery plan.

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